Business Travel Success Plan

Over the last eleven years of traveling the globe I have learned many different lessons about business travel. Whether you are a seasoned travel expert or a recent college graduate getting ready for that first trip, I am sure that you will learn a few things from my dissertation below. Business travel is weary on the family and can cause hardships that are difficult to put into words. When you are out of town, life around your house carries on in every sense. Your grass continues to grow, your power continues to flow, your kids have recitals and ball practices, and your spouse has meetings. Don’t forget the small things and check in with your family members. Your not being around means that they have to do the things that you normally accomplish. During your travel make sure to make time to take care of yourself as well. You will be eating at fine restaurants all over the world. You will get to sample local cuisines that you have never before had. Your body will suffer from the overload of food and beverages. Make time to go to your hotels gyms between work hours and dinner. Simply working out for 30 mins. each afternoon should keep you in fighting form for the meetings that you have coming up during the trip. It will also limit the perpetual expansion of the waste line from the foods that you are eating. For meetings and arrival times, make sure to plan on showing up fifteen to twenty minutes before your meeting time. Showing up late to meetings is unacceptable for both your clients and for your company. Always dress for success, never show up to your meetings in anything less than a Shirt, Tie, and Coat. Showing up in less than that attire for many companies is a sign of disrespect. While they may be sporting the latest in Golf apparel you need to sport something more along the lines of Donald Trump. During the travel stages of your event plan on staying in mid-level accommodations. Never try to hit your company up for first class accommodations. The mid-level accommodation shows that you are willing to save the company money while not sacrificing your personal well-being. The mid-level accommodation will provide you with acceptable bedding and laundry services and a good night sleep. As a final point keep in mind that you are representing your company. Conduct yourself at all times as if you were trying to win that coveted job spot. Because just as you interviewed for your current job. You are interviewing your company for future business with your clients.

Planning For a Last Minute Travel Plan – Budget Travel Packages Does Help Out You

In the fast spinning world everything is planned in a hurry burry and sometimes things go topsy turvy due to urgencies, but this could be avoided by a smart thinking and an easy planning. Proceeding a last minute trip or travel needs a bit of patience and pause before we actually start with the process. May be a software life cycle or a human life cycle, planning is the preliminary step to source with, like in a similar way traveling does also need perfect plans. Last minute travel ideas require extra care on planning strategy for making the tour experience a great one. Save in a notepad or as a memo in your mobile phone or just write down in your office pad, when your mind alarms about each thing you need to carry. Products you need for a travel right from a medicine kit to the passport and baggage is important as each item has its own characteristics of usage. “Spend money like water” will go apt with traveling activities, where last minute traveling seems to be double expensive, but there are many a last minute travel deals online in the present day situation to tackle up the fellow travelers needs. People who are in a sudden rush to travel can seek budget travel agencies as they can provide you with hot and attractive packages in the way you can meet up the expenses of. There are deals for cheaper transportation and accommodations, as these are the worthy outfits essentially needed for a traveler. Discounts on transportation are applicable from booking a flight ticket to hiring a rental car; this also works out well for low-priced accommodations on hotels and lodges. Packages are also obtainable which includes all the former talk about things which saves your precious hours. Holidays are the most welcome and anticipated word in anyone’s mind! So many of us invest a fair amount of time dreaming and planning our yearly holiday. Travel agencies are in hunt of last minute travel planners as trips cancelled by other customers can be logged-in for them to compensate the lost fares, rush-up travelers can make use of these deals to save their money. Customers centered towards discounted trips and travels are also targeted for selling these deals at a cheaper rate. Thinking optimistic does strike out the right coin all the time, there are also some merits in last minute travel plans – as unsold deals can reach you in a cheap quote and can avoid the chaotic of prior booking and reservations. A comfortable-economic travel plan could also be seeked by the budget travel lovers in order to enjoy their vacation in the way they actually want it to be. Worldwide travel agencies come forward with attractive plans and deals with offers and discounts as the competition among the travel agencies amplify each day with new dimensions and attitudes. Selecting the right deal is up to you, as suggestions wont alone help without knowing your right plan and destination spot. Pick the one that best suits your requirement and plan.

10 Ways To Earn More, Work Less, And Enjoy Your Summer

If you’re anything like me, you start looking forward to summer as soon as the calendar flips to a new year. Take advantage of summer’s slower pace and people’s more casual attitudes and plan to not only take time off but to make some money while you do!

1. Commit to your vacation time.

If you haven’t already scheduled a break for this summer, stop reading this right now and do so! Even if you don’t have plans to go away or if your budget is tight, I strongly encourage you to put at least a long weekend break into your calendar now – and then make sure you do anything you want for those few days – EXCEPT work. You’ll come back to your business refreshed and recharged. You know you will and you know you need it.

2. Have a summer sale.

Are there some products or programs in your funnel that you could offer a summer discount on? I’d be willing to bet there’s at least one. Kick off the summer season by offering your prospects a special deal on one or more of your offerings.

3. Make a special offer to your current clients and customers.

Summer’s a great time to give your current clients and customers a special deal. For example, if they’ve already purchased something from you at the first level of your funnel, offer them a special deal for investing in an additional offering of yours, maybe at the next higher-priced level of your funnel.

So, if they’ve already spent $50 on one of your products, offer them a $50 discount towards another of your offerings.

4. Trim your expenses.

Are there some business-related expenses that could be put on hold for the next few months, without a negative impact to your bottom line? There are probably at least two or three things that you could eliminate for the summer, and you may find out that you can eliminate them completely come the fall.

For example, I’ve stopped my monthly subscription to the screen-sharing software I use because I know I won’t be using it for at least the next three months. That’s $150 in savings for my business!

5. Create summer hours.

Start later in the day, take a mid-day break for a few hours, or end your day earlier. Take one day a week off. Work half days. Take four-day weekends. It’s your choice, but by creating summer hours, you’re not only giving yourself some time to enjoy the fleeting days of warmer weather, but you’ll also find that you’ll be much more likely to focus only on your priorities, which means you’ll actually move ahead much faster!

6. Repeat a previously profitable product.

Do you have a product that when you first launched it, it sold really well? Maybe it just needs some new life and a new promotion. Don’t re-invent the wheel and simply repeat what’s already worked for you in the past.

7. Republish your best articles in your newsletter.

For the summer, consider giving some of your best articles (the ones people commented on, or were reprinted most often) an encore presentation in your ezine. If you’ve been publishing for awhile, your readers most likely will appreciate the reminder the articles will bring, while it will be new content to your newer subscribers.

8. Declutter your office.

I simply can’t think when my office falls into chaos, and I’m always amazed by how much better I feel and how much more productive I immediately become once I get rid of the clutter.

Summer is a great time to declutter and reorganize. Enlist a friend to help, or hire a professional organizer to really get you geared up for the summer (and the fall!).

9. Declutter your mind.

When you started your business, did you write down your vision for it? If you haven’t, or if you haven’t visited your vision in awhile if you have, the next few months are perfect for reflection, dreaming, and planning what you want the rest of your year to look like.

I’ll be dreaming up mine on the dock at the lake. Where will you be dreaming up yours?

10. Plan some fun stuff.

Even if you don’t have plans to travel this summer, you can still plan some really fun things to do near your home. Having something to look forward to will help you enjoy some time away from your desk while the sun is shining.

Believe me, I know how hard that can be. I love what I do, too. But one main reason we work for ourselves is so we can enjoy our lives, right?

How To Find A Good Vacation Destination

When parents with children start planning their next group vacation, they have to take into account the needs and interests of everyone in the family. Thanks to the wide array of activities for children and adults alike, South Florida has become a good choice for families with all different vacation budgets.

Marc Eisenmann is the owner of Hollywood Beach Hotels, a family-friendly lodging solution for families who aren’t sure where to stay in the area. “When I travel with my kids, we like to diversify,” he says. “So when we plan a vacation, we are looking for a place that has the most things for everyone to do.” Eisenmann also recommends following a similar path when planning the next vacation for your family. And according to him, you have to think about what is in the area and what your kids like to do, as a lot of kids are different.

Comfortable Motels
Eisenmann advises families to make sure they know what they are getting in for when they plan a vacation to Hollywood Beach during the summer. Among the many benefits to staying in Hollywood Beach, FL, are the motels that cater to families. In general, Thanksgiving through Easter is the high season in South Florida because the summer gets extremely hot down there. Those heat waves can lead to deals for vacationers booking motels in Hollywood Beach, FL, since discounted low-season pricing (in the summer) coincides with the time when most kids are out of school.

Dependable Weather
In addition, Eisenmann says the dependable weather draws many people to Hollywood Beach because they know their vacation isn’t likely to get washed out. The weather in South Florida is usually substantially more dependable than in other areas of the country. You might catch a bad day or two, but overall you know what you are getting when it comes to the weather in Hollywood Beach.

A Lot of Other Kids
In Eisenmann’s experience, another thing that parents should search for when looking for a good vacation destination is where they can be around other families with kids. If you want to go on vacation to a place where a lot of other children are staying, then the motels in Hollywood Beach, FL, are definitely going to be a good option. Thanks to recent improvements in the nearby beach and boardwalk areas — such as a newly built water park and a renovated boardwalk — the beach area is teeming with kids.

Many Activities
In Hollywood Beach, families can partake in many activities, such as renting water bicycles and other water toys right from the beachside vendors. The vendors offer all sorts of things, including individual bikes and six-pedal bikes, which families can rent out for an hour at a time.
Additionally, the advantage of South Florida is that you have a tremendous amount of options within an hour’s drive. If a family were to stay at a hotel in the Florida Keys, which is further South, it might not have many options if the kids were to decide that they want to go to an amusement park one morning. Families staying in motels near Hollywood Beach, FL, however, can do a number of activities without driving more than an hour.

In South Florida, you can pretty much ask your kids what they want to do and make it happen. Within an hour of Hollywood Floridam, there are amusement parks and water parks. Just a short distance from Hollywood Beach is Lion Country Safari — a drive-through safari adventure — along with Jungle Island, Boomers family entertainment center, and a handful of water parks. Unless your children want to go skiing in the snow, you will pretty much be able to find what they want to do within an hour’s drive from wherever you’re staying.

Bon Voyage: Organized Travel Planning

Well, summer is finally here, and for many people, that means vacation time! Whether you plan to drive, fly, or travel by other means (a cruise, perhaps?), planning ahead will help your travel experience go off without a hitch.

I not only love to travel, I love to plan to travel. I can spend hours researching locales and lodging choices, preparing itineraries, packing, etc. Therefore, it seems only fitting to share some of my well-honed travel planning tips so that you can benefit from my travel planning addiction, and enjoy an organized travel experience. The 11 tips that follow may be common sense, but are not always commonly applied.

– Create a Personalized Packing List – Create a packing list on your computer so that you can revise it constantly as you travel and realize what you forgot and would have liked with you, and what you could have left behind. My packing list is organized into the following major categories: Essentials, For Business, For the Beach, For Overseas Travel, For Active Vacations. It is then further broken down into subcategories that are specific enough to easily grab and check off each item without too much forethought (and certainly without that nagging feeling of forgetting something). My list has been customized over years of traveling. Make your list work for you and your family by personalizing it to match your needs.

– Freshen Up Your Suitcases – Air out your bags before you pack. There is nothing worse than putting clean clothes in a stale smelling bag. (Hint: A scented dryer sheet or lavender sachet can work wonders.)

– Check Luggage Guidelines – Go online and check your airline’s luggage guidelines to ensure that your carry on will fit, and that you will not be charged extra if you exceed the weight restriction.

– Pre-Pack and Weigh – Print out your packing list in advance, and start laying out items so that you can get a visual snapshot of what you are bringing. It is wise to pre-pack in advance, especially with today’s strict airline luggage guidelines. I even recommend putting the items in the suitcase and weighing it. Better to know if you will make the cut at home when you can still remove things than to suffer an unexpected luggage fee at the airport.

– Pack Extra Storage Bags – Pack a few storage bags for small items, like shoes, etc. Make sure that one is waterproof in case you need to pack wet bathing suits on the trip back home.

– Get Your Gadgets in Order – Empty memory cards, and charge your phone and camera before you leave home. Consolidate power cords, chargers and extra batteries in your carry-on.

– Refill Prescriptions – Refill prescription medications in advance, and pack in your carry-on in their original packaging in order to pass muster with the TSA. This also provides you with an easy way to remember the exact specifications in the rare event that the medication gets destroyed (melts in the sun, gets wet, etc.) or you are delayed longer than expected, and need to arrange a refill while still away from home.

– Copy Important Documents – Carry duplicates of your passport and visa (if traveling outside of the country), travel itinerary, and any other vital documents that you need for safe travel, and keep them in a different location than the originals while traveling. Consider also emailing electronic copies to yourself or storing at a secure online site.

– Give Your Wallet a Diet – Pare down the contents of your wallet to only what you need during travel. Only bring essential documents, such as driver’s license, medical insurance card (check to see if you have coverage if going outside of the country), passport, and credit cards.

– Alert Credit Card Companies – Contact your bank and credit cards companies before you depart and inform them that you will be traveling, so that they will not be alarmed by out-of-town charges and put a security hold on your account.

– Inventory the Contents of Your Suitcase – Take photos of your clothes, shoes, and jewelry, which will serve as documentation if your luggage gets lost or stolen. Download the shots onto your home computer or upload them to an online site just in case. It may seem like overkill (don’t all insurance and risk management measures seem so unless you need them?), but it will save you a lot of stress and money if your luggage gets lost or stolen, as well as peace of mind while traveling.

Travel Is A Trip-Take Health Goals on the Road

Travel is a tremendous experience which can be exciting, enriching, and exasperating. And sometimes the challenge of getting to the destination can totally blow your efforts to focus on a healthy lifestyle. As my clients share their travel plans with me, we talk about eating well wherever they are going. However getting there can be a route filled with detours from the wholesome lifestyle plan when you find yourself delayed due to transportation challenges beyond your control.

Once you’ve selected a destination and decided how you’re traveling think about your eating plan. Are you hitting the road pre-dawn, midday or evening? Your travel hours will definitely affect your eating plans and appetite. Whenever you are leaving your home base, make sure you have eaten something. This will start your trip focused on healthy eating and help you cut back on anxiety eating.

The best laid plans can develop a few kinks creating anxiety. Between the curbside arrivals, security screening, and departure gate wait, there are plenty of temptations to eat nonstop through the terminal or station. In an effort to opt out of overindulging on tempting food court offerings, the following travel tips will help you stay on track.

Bring Your Own

Security checks now ban liquids, semi liquid or gel-like foods from being carried beyond the security check-points, however you can carry fruit such as an apple, orange, banana or frozen grapes. Snack-size plastic zip-top bags of popcorn, nuts or pretzels or peanut butter filled crackers are allowed.

Choose Wisely

Once you are in the concourse headed to the departure gate or track, look for food vendors that offer items such as green or grain salads, fresh vegetable-hummus snacks, Greek-style yogurt or fruit. Aim for protein-rich items such as chicken or tuna salad, lean meats such as turkey or chicken, or lentil soups. Protein items will stave off hunger for a longer period of time than high-carbohydrate choices.

Stay Hydrated

Try to avoid excessive caffeine and high sugar beverages. Too much caffeine and sugar can contribute to dehydration. Minimize alcohol and drink plenty of water. Although security bans liquids, a frozen bottle of water is permissible. You can also bring an empty bottle and fill it with water from the water fountain, once you clear the security screening area.

An App for That

There are several apps for mobile devices that will allow you to check out where to eat and the menu available. Some of the apps will allow you to place your order in advance and pick it up on the way to the departure point.

Move that Body

Exercise is always important, and in most instances travel from the curb to your departure gate will enable you to log plenty of steps. If you want to track the actual numbers, there is an app for that too. On a recent trip when circumstances created an unscheduled lengthy stay in the airport—I logged more than three miles.

Transportation hubs now offer an array of food options beyond the hotdog with assorted condiments. Whether your route is planned or you have an unscheduled layover, you can stay on the road to good health with a little pre-planning and best picks for wholesome eating.

Plan My Gap Year

This is an award winning International Volunteering Organization. It is based in the United Kingdom. Plan My Gap Year was established by Gad and Philip. They both had the passion of travelling and volunteering around the world. This organization was launched in the year 2011. We offer affordable volunteering opportunities in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. We are independent in our programmes. We also work with the social communities since they are the reason for our work.

The first volunteering experience we had been the while traveling in Thailand. Indeed, the experience was life changing. This volunteer travel is what geared us to get involved in the International Volunteering. After this great experience, we returned to Asia, after six months and visited a range of volunteering projects. At the end of the 8-week trip that was very much interesting, we went back to the UK, where we launched 25 programmes thatwere carefully selectedfrom the six countries of Asia. This is how the Plan My Gap Year was begun with much fun.

Achievements made by now.

During the winter season of the year 2012, a series of volunteer projects were launched in Africa. In the year 2013, the PMGY programmes were introduced that involve the volunteer work and travel for adventure. It was carefully designedtofour weeks. Right now, we are placing the volunteers in 11 countries across the whole world. The greatest achievement that we have made is when were awardedThailand Green Excellence Award in the year 2012. This was because of our achievement in volunteering. In 2013 and 2014, we sent over 2,000 volunteers to our projects in the whole world.

These great achievements have made us be voted the number one gap year and international volunteer travel organization on the Review Centre.

Our programmes include:

1. Childcare programmes.

This programme works by teaching children English, basic life skills and giving them the care that they need. This isbasically meant to change the lives of the pupils in a positive way.

2. English Teaching.

This is meant to assist schools that do not have enough resources. We teach English and other subjects.

3. Medical Placements.

This is meant to get the medical experience as the intern. This is open to both the medical and non-medical students.

4. PMGY Experience.

This programme involves joining a one-month group trip. It involves travel and volunteering like Volunteer in Morocco, Volunteer in Nepal, Volunteer in New Zealand, Volunteer in Romania, Volunteer in India, Volunteer in Kenya and much more.

5. Under eighteen Programmes.

We offer avariety of opportunities for the young people who are below the age of 18 years. These children desire to see the world and as they leave a positive impact.

6. Wildlife projects.

This involves interacting with the wild animals and protecting them. It includes interacting with animals like elephants. You can also volunteer at our sea Tuttle centre.